Our Process

So, you’ve learned about us and about what we do..but the question is, how do we actually get our projects done right? It takes experience, careful study and passion to be able to deliver most excellent results. Learn about our 5-step design process we follow to ensure that your business gets the best of our services.

1. Learn

The initial step is an important part of our process. In order to come up with the best ideas is careful study and broad research. This is the most significant step since it would play as the foundation of your business project creation. It comprise not only fine understanding of how your web page should look like but also how it could turn out to be useful in every way.

  • Information Gathering, Initial Interview
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Project Brief
  • Agreements / Deposits

This step should also include the client’s opinion to help us recognize the business goals and needs in a project. We consider your market, aspect requests and other applicable information.

2. Plan

After analysis, that’s the indication that we arrange a systematic plan for your project. A site map is then developed. Upon learning what your business needs, this is the point to eventually plan how we are going to make your company’s goals possible.

  • Design Concepts And Goal Planning
  • Research Into Sustainable Solutions
  • Brainstorm Possible Ideas

To initiate with the designing, we need to consider what we have to design and how to go about it by creating a design strategy. Our design strategy is customized according to our client’s ideas. Before we can go start on with our planning, we also help you come to a decision on what specific technologies should be execute.

3. Build

Since careful study and planning has been commenced; then we start the most exciting part, the building phase. This is when the design phase begins; from here we develop a sample of the project. This sample of the project is used to be able to come up with the best output by integrating the client’s opinion and suggestions. Our client’s opinion and suggestions are vital in this process in exploring what they really want and what they need.

  • Building Design & Actual Development Of Site
  • Collect Your Materials & Fill Site With Content
  • Presentation & Feedback

This is the crucial step in a client’s project life cycle. We give our clients the privilege to do periodic checks on our progress and wait for their approval. This is how we value our clients and appreciate their side of the plan.

4. Refine

Once the building phase is accomplished, it is now time for us to test what we have created. When the client has approved of the project it is the time to deliver the project files and make sure it works according to as planned.

  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Prioritize Issues
  • Refine Site

We assure that our work doesn’t end on what we have delivered but we commit on giving them continuous support by rendering maintenance, customer service, follow up and many after sales work.

5. Deliver

Now it’s time to launch our masterpiece! This is the final phase in our process. After thriving to develop the best website design for your business, this is the step wherein the website becomes live in the public. From here, the client will surely generate prospective market and online visitors. Like what we have mentioned in the fourth phase, we don’t stop on offering you outstanding services. We always recommend tutorials on how to utilize the website wisely and this is greatly accompanied with constant communication with our client. We wish to build long-term commitment with our clients and we do this by being able to build trust and make sure we deserve that trust.